About Us

Lily Pond Store (LPS) blossomed from Indira Shankar’s ardent love for gardening, evolving into a specialized haven for aquatic plant enthusiasts since its inception in 2014. Indira Shankar’s vision was to create a dedicated space that not only offers exotic aquatic plants but also cultivates a community of passionate gardeners and enthusiasts sharing their love for these unique florae.

From the regal Lotus to the serene Water Lily, our assortment features diverse options. Select from these exquisite plants to add a touch of nature’s grace while improving the air you breathe.

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Unique Offerings

LPS prides itself on being the pioneering licensed company in India to introduce lotus and water lily plants. With a dedicated propagating Centre in Krishnagar District, Tamil Nadu, the company has become a hub for enthusiasts seeking a diverse and extensive collection of aquatic flora.

Quality Assurance

The cornerstone of LPS’s success is its unwavering commitment to maintaining hybrid purity. Each imported plant undergoes a rigorous process to ensure customers receive an exact replica of the original hybrid. Adherence to stringent quality control measures and continuous monitoring.


Product Variety

The inventory at LPS is a botanical marvel, showcasing an extensive collection of over 200 varieties of water lilies and 150 varieties of lotus plants. This impressive array is meticulously curated, offering a spectrum of colors’, sizes, and hybrid combinations, ensuring a diverse palette for enthusiasts and garden designers.


LPS’s credibility is fortified through its recognition within the industry. Accreditation as a seed importer by the National Seeds Corporation in New Delhi underscores its commitment to excellence. Further, the registration of LPS as a trademarked brand in Chennai, Government of India, adds to its market credibility.

Why We Are Unique

Uncompromised Quality

Never settle for less; we prioritize top-tier unparalleled plant quality

Healthy Shipments

Expect mature plants, usually with buds, ensuring vitality upon arrival.

Nationwide Delivery

From north to south, east to west, we proudly ship our plants all over India

Guaranteed Satisfaction

We strive for your complete satisfaction with every delivery.

What Customers Are Saying

“Awesome collection, healthy plants, timely delivery & exemplary customer care.I received healthy and big plants in good condition. All my queries and doubts about water lily gardening was cleared by My Mother. I also got very good knowledge-based information from Lily Pond store web site. First bloom in less than one months. I am 100% satisfied with plant and the advises. “Lily Pond” stands out in helping its customers in answering all queries and timely advises.”

“This is a wonderful site for buying water lilies and a very unique too.You can get all types of water lilies here.”

“I had bought about 26 varieties. Sent to me in very well packaged courier. All survived and have started blooming. I’m very impressed.
Keep it up”

“Had got some water lily plants from them. Within a couple of months, they have started blooming profusely.
As I was a novice in growing water lilies, their time-to-time advice was very helpful. Thank you so much!”

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